Product Sourcing / Buying Consultant

Bill Price says,

‘My problem-solving achievements are a great satisfaction to me and my retail  consumer and commercial awareness has led me to develop excellent business solutions.’

Bill Price of Maitland-Price Consultant LTD, holds a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of buying and product logistics – securing the right product to the right customer at the right price.
With an industry recognised reputation of sourcing and buying products over an extensive product range with confidence in existing contacts and long-term past supplier relationships in procurement and importation as well as IT product-control management systems, Maitland-Price Consultant is a one stop shop for all your buying needs.

I have known Bill Price for many years, as he has been a customer of mine at various companies that I have worked for. During that time I have always found Bill to be a most honourable man, who’s word is his bond – without doubt someone that any prospective employer of Bill’s could rely upon, and trust in. Bill would be an asset to any employer, I am sure.”

Andy Wilson,
UK Sales, Koopman International B.V.

Dear Bill, I was delighted with the results of our recent inquiry to you to source and research a new product that we wished to introduce into our business.
Because of the nature of this particular product a lot of time and effort had to be invested to ensure we found the right factory and you accomplished this superbly.
Simply put when under resourced as we were you were the buyer, buying manager and decision maker all rolled up into one, with your experience and knowledge of the Far East your talents were put to good use as you were able to accomplish in weeks what would have taken us months to achieve.
Well done and many thanks for your help.
Martin Bramley
MD (Eurowrap Ltd)

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. William Maitland Price.

Bill joined our company on a consultancy basis in May 2011 to assist in product sourcing for various different projects.

I was impressed from the outset with Bill’s product knowledge, sourcing and in-depth research, along with other work performed that was invaluable to our Division.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bill for future opportunities.

Anthony Balkin
Managing Director,
AB Housewares